The contrite heart and spirit of young Bobby couldn’t let things go on as they used to. His grandmother had done a number on him as soon as she realized what business young Bobby was in to. He was the youngest recruit of the human trafficking empire ran by “the mentor” in town. He still had some few glitches here and there that need tuning but “the mentor” overlooked all this. He was desperate to find a replacement for his men who had been captured and to top it all off, a new shipment was expected to be dispatched soon. He need all the man power he could get.

He engineered his downfall the moment he let his guard down by compromise the weight of the mission at hand. This wasn’t just a pick as usual, but a huge investment for the girls. Brigit, Felicia and Naomi were being sold to an oversea corporate company that were paying good money for the exchange. “The mentor” had never done a huge shipment like this in a long time and he glad that his business was actually shaping up after all the drama that unfolded these past few months. He needed the silver lining in his cloud and it just seemed that he was having his way.

Bobby was disturbed. His grandmother had messed up his head so bad that he didn’t know what to do! He paced back and forth in his room at the bunker trying to figure out what his next move was. Should he free the girls? Should he run? He cussed all over the place about his grandmother who had shone light in his darkness and now it is a fight between the realm of evil and good. He was frustrated cut between two choices and who could blame him for setting himself on fire together with the rest in the institute?

Apparently, death was the only way he could find peace in his messed up world but it didn’t have to turn out this way. He had planned to burn the girls alive in their bunker but it wouldn’t have made any significant impact for he knew the boss could just round up another lot of innocent girls and trade their lives for his own benefit. The only way young Bobby could have ended this was through fire. For from the ashes they rose and to the ashes they return. For him, they deserved to burn for what they did and not that he was any different. He just had a change of heart and placed it upon himself to make things right.

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