I am deformed and there is no going back. Looking at myself in the mirror every morning takes be back twenty two years age when my fate took a toll for the worst. I was a four year old nursing 45% burn injuries in a hospital with my mother beside me in tears. It hurt so bad like my skin was being peeled off by a knife. That was the beginning of yet another story of my life that I am not proud off but I feel I have to tell you before I take it all to my grave.

I shed a tear every morning for all that I lost at a tender age as a young girl living in a neighbourhood full of pretty angels running around in ponytails and cute dresses. I watched them from the window of our house in pain and jealousy. I couldn’t show my face to the world. I wasn’t ready to be classified as a public stare and so I locked myself in until recently when my angel came through for me.

Through all this, I am still a giver of joy and happiness to the people that surround me. Well basically, it is only my ever caring mother and my two uncles who never left my side in the twenty two years that I lived in my room. I only came out at night when everyone was locked up in their homes for I couldn’t bare the sorry eyes that flashed on my face every time I pass by the neighbourhood.

My courage was however restored by my tutor, Mr Lightwood. He convinced me to make the world a better place considering what I had gone through for the past twenty two years. I was the perfect victim in a perfect ordeal that happens to numerous individuals all over the world. I could become the beacon of hope to all who might have faced the same situation as well as help prevent such from ever happening again.

This sparked up courage in my heart and when I asked how I could do that, he said that the power is all in a mobile application called MG911. The application creates awareness in case of fire accidents in a particular place to local authorities nearby who will come of aid to the situation. It is a fast and convenient way to call for help because all you have to do is download the application to your phone!

MG911 could have helped me but that’s all in the past, now it could help you avoid fire accidents in your home and keep your loved ones safe! Download the MG911 my guard application today on Google Play Store or Apple store and have safety at your beck and call!