Two people with rabbit masks walk into a beautiful home. They stand right on the porch and ring the door bell. Rebecca runs to the door and she invites them in hurriedly. What could a seven year old child be doing with two fully grown people in the middle of the night? The good question rather is, what am I doing preying on people’s lives? The truth is I cannot help it. The Botcher’s have been my neighbours for two years and it has really raised a concern on my part how they leave their child alone every night. Maybe they have work or something but a nanny would be a good alternative for the case.

So there I was waiting on them,staring blankly at the house through my bedroom window when I saw cascades of smoke from the kitchen. Did they forget dinner on the cooker? Perhaps for an ordinary person, that would be the most logical explanation but surprisingly at the exact same moment the three barged outside. My eyes could not withstand what came next.

The beautiful home was no more, debris and litter scattered all over. The explosion was quite good,it left absolutely nothing to chance. The three started to celebrate lifting young Rebecca and shouting joyously

The smile on her face frightened me. She was calm and looked satisfied in what she had done. Her rabbit friends took a stroll down street never to be seen again and she stood in front of her burning home smiling.

I am an over protective human being and always a control freak but my behaviours paid off pretty well in this situation. I had the MG911 application on my phone and I decided to create an emergency alert on my location. Help was on the way and I was convinced that the fire would soon subside. However, what of little Rebecca?I do not know about you but I was concerned of her behaviour. How can she be so cold at such a tender age, was it because of her rabbit friends? Her parents? It had to be something or someone.

When her parents arrived at the scene of the crime, they were devastated. Watching at a distance as they came to see their child, Rebecca thrashed out shouting I HATE YOU!. Trust me, that was some deep dark emotion especially from a child. So dear parents dig out this issue.

I would be personally pissed off when I get my house in flames without anyone trying to help. I thank myself that am a good neighbour. I am loving this moment of glory to myself all thanks to MG911 application. It creates awareness of dangers like this to nearest local authorities for them to come to your rescue. I saved the day, well most of it I presume, I can’t understand Rebecca maybe you can?.

At least not all was lost in the house thanks to MG911 application. Get it on your phone today and be on the watch every time