“Oh!Thank God you’re OK.” Said Mary

” Where…where…” Mumbled Danny

” No dear, don’t try to speak, the doctor said you’ll need your strength” Said Mary

Danny smiled at his paranoid beautiful wife. To be fair, he had sustained two gunshot wounds; one to his leg and another one on his chest. Vanessa had really done a number on him and his wife was right to be worked up over his recovery. Mary was a woman any man could have dreamed of as his wife and most importantly, she was an incredible mother to their two gorgeous daughters; Kaylee and Jenny.

” Hey Captain! Looks like we’re not trying rid of you that easily” Chuckled Matt

” (giggling) Well, he sure is a strong man.” Said Mary smiling at her husband

” Did you catch those bastards?” Asked Danny

” No sir, they managed to get away and now we have bigger fish to fry” Replied Matt

” What are you talking about?” Asked Danny

Matt switched on the television set in the room and Mary winced in shock. A terror attack was ongoing at the Naiger Capital mall and dozens of police officers flooded the scene.

” Where under attack captain” Said Matt

” From who? Is Susan there?” Asked Danny

” At the moment we are yet to confirm, but we suspect they are African. Deputy Captain Susan is leading the operation as we speak” Replied Matt

” How did an African terrorist group get to United States soil?” Said Danny

Mary and her husband were at the private ward of the Naiger County Hospital, not the safest place in town so to say considering that a terrorist attack was taking place a block away. However, at least they were not hostages in the scene which was the case for poor Toby

” Silence! Anyone make sound and I’ll put a bullet inside of you” Shouted a voice

” All this will be over soon just lay on the floor nice and quiet” Said another voice

Toby had never been in a hostage situation let alone one which he had to play as hostage control. His job was simple, monitor the hostages so they would not try anything stupid. He was to act like them and be the eyes and ears of the men in masks until the job was done.

” Our job is done boys, you know what to do, see you on the other side,kwaheri “Said a voice

” Yes Sir!” Shouted the men in masks

The police were ready to engage, CCTV footage had shown seven armed men in masks holding approximately two hundred hostages. They could overpower them if they moved fast. But before they could move in, the doors of the mall opened and six men walked out with their hands on their heads

” Deputy captain look” Said a voice

” What the hell are they doing” Said Susan

” Are they surrendering?” Said a voice

” They are six where is the other? Shit! Its a distraction, I repeat it’s a distraction all units move in now! Find that man !” Shouted Susan

Their plan had worked. No casualties, no fire exchange. The job was clean and thorough. The police fell right into their trap and the only thing they had was a painting on the wall at the entrance of the mall

” You got served” Said a voice

” Damn right they did” Said Susan

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